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Belgian beers are always delicious (in our opinion) but especially during the winter months.  The heartiness and complexity of the malts, fruits and spices offer a tremendous range of options to select from.  We will be sampling several Belgian beers this month and hope you will too.  They are fantastic when paired with strong, buttery cheeses and grilled meats.

Delirium Nocturnum-Belgian Strong Dark Ale 8.5%

Beautiful dark cherry brown ale.  Smell and taste of dark fruits. roasted malt and caramel.

Chimay Triple (white)-Triple 8.0%

The style “Triple” is named for the brewing process in which brewers use up to 3 times the malt than standard Trappist Belgian brews.  The color is golden orange and follows with smell and taste of citrus, pear and spice.  Nicely carbonated with a dry finish.

Kasteel Rouge-Cherry Fruit Beer 8.0%

Dark red color, smells of cherries.  The taste maintains the sweet and tartness of the fruit and is dry in the finish.  Drink with a meal or just have some for dessert.

Maredsous 8 (brown)-Dubble 8.0%

Rich malty beer with active carbonation.  Slightly chocolate malted flavor and very drinkable especially with buttery and pungent cheeses.

Houblon Choffe-Belgian IPA 9.0%

This beer offers a golden cloudy color with strong hops flavor.  The fluffy head is fantastic and lasts until the last few sips.  Cleaner bitterness vs. American styles, and a pronounced dry edge.

Woody Gold-German Style Pilsener 4.6%

This San Diego brew from Karl Strauss is golden in color, crisp and refreshing on the palate.  A great balance to pair with spicy peppery foods.

Dales Pale Ale-American Pale Ale 6.5%

Oskar Blues brewery in Colorado is making amazing craft brews.  This pale ale is copper in color with lots of carbonation.  The hops stands out but fades with it’s finish.  Versatile and delicious.

Old Rasputin Imperial Stout-Russian Imperial Stout 9.0%

Brewed by North Coast Brewery, CA, this is an amazingly black beer with a creamy thick head.  Chocolate maltiness coat the mouth and leave you wanting another slug.

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