A really nice article about us:

"Everything about it—from the dead-simple layout of the kitchen to the tight cluster of beer taps next to the cashier to the hanging key for the outdoor restrooms—are reassuring reminders the place was conceived with a singular purpose in mind: to cook you a damn-fine burger."

And our beets:

"Endearing you to the place even more are the thimbles of house-made, diced pickled beets, a palate-cleansing antidote that works just as well or better than any schooner of beer poured from the taps."

And our Carnitas Sandwich:

"The second-best sandwich at Riders Club is grand and epic on its own scale, with fistfuls of roasted pork fallen into shreds both crispy and moist; it's so good it's worthy of a lonchera. And because of the fresh jalapeños, cilantro and shredded carrots, it also proves the Mexican torta and the Vietnamese bánh mì can sire an offspring with all of its flavors living harmoniously under a bun."

The Riders Club Cafe Goes Back to Basics [OC Weekly]

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  1. Best hamburger in South Orange County! Amazing!

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